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Israel is a place of wonderful cultural experiences, and beautiful seaside views.  However, your adventures in Tel Aviv do not have to end when the sun goes down. Instead, they may actually just be beginning. 

So if you want to live up the party life in Tel Aviv, where should you go? 

There are a few great party places in central Tel Aviv, and also on and around the beach.

These scenes will have you dancing until dawn, losing all track of time.  Since it’s likely that your hotel will not be nearby, renting a car is a way to guarantee easy access to the best that Tel Aviv has to offer.
Head to the area at and around Rothschild Boulevard, and hit up some of these great places:          
  • Rothschild 12  Although it is a normal café and eatery during the day, the face of this brilliant place changes at night.  You’ll find comfort in the open air of the terrace, or be able to enjoy the live music inside.  
  • Kuli Alma  Located at Mikveh Israel 10, just a five minute walk from Rothschild Boulevard, this fantastic night club focuses on the arts, providing constantly changing entertainment and surroundings for the culture-hungry people who go there.  This kaleidoscope of beautiful art exhibitions and international flair is a fantastic place to have a beer or cocktail and get introduced to Tel Aviv nightlife.     
  • Radio EPGB  Take in some fantastic lighting combined with swirling graffiti as you knock down another few drinks here.  Located at 7 Shadal St.You can start your evening here, and stay out all night!  The later the night gets, the better the party is.
Car Rental Tel Aviv is the best way to make sure you can get to the best bars and parties from where you’re staying.  Just make sure you have a designated driver in your group to get you all back safely.

Get to the finest food in Tel Aviv with your rented car

Tel Aviv is also home to some amazing food! You’ll definitely want to take advantage of the fantastic eateries in and around central Tel Aviv.

If you’re looking to spend your time in some of the best dining in Israel, head to the classy and upscale restaurant The Norman in Nakhmani Street or the beautiful culinary show that is presented for you at Claro, in HaArb’a Street.

If you’ve already hit Rothschild Boulevard for drinks to start the night, then you’re very close to Hashulchan, a fantastic creation of chef Omer Miller and a haven for foodies from around the world.
Aside from these, you cannot leave Tel Aviv without trying the delicacies that are offered to you from street vendors.

For the best hummus in town, head to one of the three locations in the city of Abu Hassan, a fantastic place with tastes that will blow your mind.

Another typical meal in Israel is shwarma, so make sure to hit Shwarma Bino in the center of the Jaffa flea market for an incredible shwarma experience!

Tel Aviv offers some of the best experiences for foodies and partiers across the world.  With a map in hand and a rental car at your disposal, you’ll be sure to experience the best of Tel Aviv nightlife and culture!