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Renting a car in Tel Aviv with Tamir Rental

If you want to rent a car in Tel Aviv You came to the right place - Tamir Car Rental Tel Aviv offers a large selection of rental cars to choose from. If you want to drive to Tel Aviv without any problem, then all you need to do is to call us.
We have rental cars for your utmost comfort and convenience. You can also add a GPS to your order so that you can easily find your way through the city.

Rent a car in Tel Aviv - The best way to enjoy the city

Tel Aviv offers the perfect balance of the old and the new.
It is home to a number of amazing structures, including the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv, where you can get a glimpse of Tel Aviv’s history through its historical displays.

The Manshia Train Station has been revamped and now provides not only trains, but also some leisurely activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.
The city is also packed with luxury hotels, restaurants, seasonal events and bars. Shopping is never a problem in Tel Aviv.
There are plenty of outdoor bazaars ,malls and flea markets to pick from, including the Sheinken Street, Carmel Market and Dizengoff Center. From local to international brands, you will surely find something worth buying.

Car Rental Tel Aviv - Affordable Prices

We keep our prices for car rental in Tel Aviv low to meet all budgets prices low to meet all budgets. Our cars are very affordable.
By renting a car from us, you can enjoy your tour of the city while staying within your budget.

Car Rental Tel Aviv - Convenience trip 

Whether you are visiting Tel Aviv for a long-awaited vacation or you are in the city for a business trip, you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of going where you need to anytime.
You don’t need to wait for a bus or cab. With Tamir Rental, you have the freedom to go wherever you want and rent a car tel aviv .whenever you want  Even if you just want to grab a bite at the nearest restaurant, you can do it!

Do you want to drive to Tel Aviv without a hassle? 

We have Tel Aviv rental cars for your convenience. While booking a car rental in Israel with Tamir Rental you have an option to add a GPS to your order. With a GPS you can easily find your way through the exciting city of Tel-Aviv.


Car Rental in Tel Aviv: Attractions in The City

Renting a car in Israel allows you to access more attractions, unique locations and great shoping centers.

Tel Aviv Car Rental: Shopping and More

If you want to do some serious shopping in Israel then you can drive your Tamir rental car to a number of places, including malls, flea markets and outdoor bazaars. 
Shopping in Tel-Aviv is fun because there are very diverse locations with a mix of artisans and stores, from international brands to local brands and where you will also find many native craftsmen selling hand made goods.

Explore Tel Aviv with Ease

  • You can visit Tel Aviv’s attractions and sights with ease. Since there is a car available at your disposal, you don’t need to rely on someone to drive you to your destination. 
  • By renting a car from Tamir Rental you can explore the city alone or with your family at your own pace. You can spend more time at the sites and see the attractions without being pressured by someone to leave and stick to a schedule
  • Our large selection of vehicles also allows you to pick the car that best meets your needs and budget: a small compact car may suit you if you’re on a week-long vacation, and you may want a larger car if you are with your family or friends.
  • Cheap Car rental Israel - Car rental is surely cheaper and easier with Tamir. Start planning your Tel Aviv trip today and experience how beautiful the city is.
Just book your reservations today for a Tel Aviv rental car and start planning your trip to the wild city of Tel Aviv!
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