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Car Rental in Netanya: Learn What You Need to Know

Netanya is a beautiful city that is full of attractions for tourists. Located in Israel near the beach, it has a variety of chic galleries, war memorials, and museums. Of course, to get to all these places, you are going to need a car rental in Netanya.

For example, Poleg Beach is a must-visit place where you can step into the Mediterranean Sea. You can fly a kite, ride jet skis, and dine at gourmet restaurants. From there, you can go to Netanya Square to see the sparkling fountain. There is also the Alexander Stream Hof Bet Yanai National Park. All of these locations are beautiful but require that you have a vehicle. To do that, you should rent a car in Netanya.


Why Rent a Car Netanya? 

Car rental in Netanya is the best way to enjoy all that the city has to offer. You don’t have to rely on taxis or public transportation when you consider cheap car rental in Netanya. Sometimes, these methods of transport do not go where you want to be.


What Type of Car Do You Need?

Plus, car rental in Netanya includes many types of vehicles. You can find small manual cars, which are perfect for those who know how to drive a stick-shift. Compact automatic automobiles are ideal for driving you around the city. Wagon cars are suitable when you need a lot of gear, such as when you’re going to a national park or beach for the day. SUVs are also available and can make it easier to travel the lesser-known roads around Netanya.

Tamir Rental has vehicle options for every need. For example, you can find a larger vehicle that has up to eight seats for a large family. Small economy cars might be ideal for couples.


Ease of Placing an Order

Whether you call or go online, it’s easy to place an order for car rental in Israel. Choose the date you need to pick it up and the time. You can also select the closest location, as well as how long you need to use it.

Gas prices in Netanya are about $1.78US for ¼ gallon. Rentals can cost about $6US a day, which is quite low.


Why Rent a Car in Netanya from Tamir Rental

Tamir Rental has the experience to help you get where you need to go while visiting this city. It comes to you, regardless of where you are. You can also find a variety of extras for your car rental in Netanya, such as starting with a full tank of gas. It’s easy and convenient to secure your rental, so begin the process today.