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Car rental in Tel Aviv would only really be worth it if there were places to see in the city that would make you want to be in charge of your own itinerary.

That is why you need to know about why Tel Aviv is the cultural center of the Middle East.
 Israel has more museums per capita of any country, with three of the more extensive ones being in Tel Aviv.
One of these is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which houses one of the largest collections of classical and contemporary Israeli art, including various styles from Fauvism, Cubism, Impressionism, and Surrealism.
Having a Tel Aviv car rental will also give you the freedom to visit the various poetic and literary activities in the city. On most nights, you can expect some sort of poetry reading in the city. This tradition has honed the talents of poets like Hayim Nahman Bialik, Yona Wallach, and Ilan Sheinfeld.
But if reading literature is more to your liking, then feel free to visit Tel Aviv’s wonderful bookstores. There are several that sell English language books that you can enjoy as you explore the rich cultural landscape of the city. These include big chains like Steimatzky or Tzomet Sfarim, which both have a wide selection of books in English.
In fact, Tel Aviv is a wonderful place for booklovers because of the Israeli tradition of leaving used books for passers-by. Drive around, and you might be surprised to spot sidewalks with little libraries.

Enjoy The Musical Variety of Tel Aviv with your rented car

But what really sets Tel Aviv apart as the cultural center of the Middle East is its thriving music scene.
All over the city, there are various music clubs where one can listen to live music:

  • You can stop by Ozen Bar if you want to surprise yourself with a local artist in a variety of genres from alternative rock to hip-hop.
  • If dance is more to your liking, then try the Block on Salame Street.
  • If you are into Jazz, you have places like the Shablul Jazz Club and Yellow Submarine.
Opting for car rental in Tel Aviv will give you the freedom to check out several of these clubs within one night. If you’re lucky, you can even be in the city during the performances of its internationally acclaimed local artists.
  • This includes the jazz upright bassist Avishai Cohen, who often performs in Tel Aviv.
  • The city is also home to Balkan Beat Box, one of the most popular bands to emerge from Israel
  • The gigs of these artists and several others in the city can happen anytime.
By availing of a Tel Aviv car rental, you can make sure you never miss out on anything. You can be where the next major musical event is within a moment’s notice, which is something you will need in a city with such a rich musical tradition.
Expect your ears to thank you no matter what genre they prefer. Whether you like reggae, rap, jazz, or rock, you can find something you like in Tel Aviv night scene.