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Experience the most unique way of exploring Israel. You can start by renting a car in Israel to experience the country fully.

Car rental in Israel may vary depending on your requested destination. The tour includes the must-see sceneries in Masada, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem.
For more adventurous sites, you can pick Petra, Golan, and the Negev Desert. All tours will give you a deep insight on the beautiful culture of the country. They will help you see the real beauty of Israel.
The Southern part of Israel covers fifty-percent of the country’s land area. It might be barely populated, but it is filled with adventurous and amazing places and activities.
See its "Judean Desert”, one of the smallest borders of the world.
Also visit "The Dead Sea,” the lowest point of the Earth.
But if you are more adventurous, we recommend the "Negev Desert,” which is considered to be "the playground of an adventurer.”
You can explore and enjoy its natural wonders and beauty, its rich history, the wonderful culture, and the spectacular outdoor activities. Oh, there is something more.

You can also check Eilat, the window of Israel into the Red Sea. This is undoubtedly one of the most visited places for excursions, and it also heads to Jordan. One of the ups of renting a car in Israel is that you can easily go to these places at your own pace.