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 Most cars are rented for a single day, but many people don’t know it’s possible to rent a car for a longer term, such as one month car rental or on a monthly basis.

Examples of situations requiring car rental for a month or more:

  • Following sale of your old car and while you wait to receive the new vehicle.
  • For periods between jobs when you need to return the work car and are waiting for a car from your new job.
  • When you're planning a lengthy family vacation with the children.
  • When there are simultaneous events to attend but only one car. 
  • When recruiting new employees for a preset time, monthly car rental means no need to invest in leasing.

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Who is monthly car rental for?

Monthly car rental is an excellent solution for private individuals, businesses and institutions. Many private and business clients need a situation specific solution, such as renting an 8 person vehicle to transport the family or ensure comfortable transportation for 7-8 employees for a period of a month or more.

A rented 7 seat vehicle allows a family to travel throughout Israel at maximum comfort without needing to cram into the 5 seater family car, especially if you're planning a longer vacation in Eilat, or camping out in nature and need a large trunk.

What kind of car is suited to a month’s rental?

When you need to rent a car for a month, we recommend choosing a car suited to your personal unique needs. It’s important to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Number of seats
  • Size of trunk
  • Vehicle measurements
  • Level of accessorization
When choosing a vehicle to rent for a month, it’s worth consulting with the rental car company’s representatives. They're familiar with the fleet of cars and can assist you in matching the most cost efficient and safe vehicle like a glove to your hand. 
 You can rent different cars for a month, which is why a considered decision should be made, especially when it comes to ensuring that the vehicle is suited to the number of passengers and their characteristics: for example, is the vehicle for work purposes, for a family trip, as a replacement for the family car used for shopping and errands, and so on.

Cost of renting a car for a month

In general, when wishing to rent a car for an extended period, it’s worth checking if there are any attractive deals for short periods such as two week, and how to lower costs. Car rental companies tend to operate with preset prices. Costs change according to the rental period: for example, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, etc. The cost also changes relative to the type of vehicle and market demand, level of accessorization, and so on.

The price for a luxury rental car is higher than for a simple car. Based on your needs and the type of trips you're planning, you can rent a car from the luxury category for several days, and rent a car from a cheaper category for other time frames. This helps save you money.

Check out the price list to make the most economic decision, especially if you're planning to rent a car during the peak seasons, such as summer and festivals. The longer the rental period, the better chance you'll have of finding an attractive price.

Discover ways to lower the car rental rate, for example the price of renting a smaller car for a month is almost always less than renting a large car. You'll enjoy significantly lower fuel consumption. You should also engineering on prices of additional accessories such as GPS. It’s also possible sometimes to lower insurance rates. However, the correct and safest way to lower car rental rates for a month is to choose a well-known and reliable company. Once you’ve rented a car from the company you should be considered a regular client and can then ask the company representative to be accommodating.

The company will prefer to ensure you stay their client and in most cases, depending on the season and demand, you're likely to enjoy a certain discount.

Long term car rental to private clients

Private clients tend to rent a car for a month or more after having sold a car they owned, especially when they're waiting for their new vehicle from work or from the importer. Instead of paying a daily rate, save money by making a long term rental. This will save you having to get around on public transport and allow you to maintain your higher quality of life by driving a safe, recent model car.
Long term car rental for business clients
  • Business clients need solutions for specific situations such as renting a vehicle with 8 places for a longer term to transport employees for a specific project, such as construction companies or companies who specialize in organizing functions and events. in these cases there’s value in using car rental services on a monthly basis.
  • One month car hire is also a more economical solution for companies recruiting new employees but do not want to commit to a leasing arrangement or invest in new vehicles until the new employee is fully integrated.
  • In certain cases a company may employee an individual for a period of no more than several weeks. Instead of renting two families cars it’s possible to rent a 7 seater vehicle which significantly cuts costs.

The advantages of long term car rental services

  • Costs.The cost of renting a car for a month is lower than for renting a car at daily or weekly rates.
  • Greater range of choices. There is a greater range of vehicles to choose from. All the vehicles are new, excellent quality, well accessorized, and safe.
  • Cost of renting a car will change relative to the type of car, as defined by its category, engine size, number of passengers, level of accessorization, and other parameters.
  • Savings in time and resources. Long term car rentals save time because there’s no need to come for pickup and return of the rented car. The car stays with you for the entire period and can be taken full advantage of for family trips and outings, errands and shopping, and more.
  • Savings for business clients. You get to avoid fixed expenses such as leasing, monthly payments on vehicles purchased for employees, insurance, and maintenance. 

Is cheaper monthly car rental always the best solution?

Business clients tend to be interested in cutting rental costs as much as possible while still being able to rent a car that is a perfect match to the employee’s unique needs. For example, a diesel engine car will use less fuel than a small gasoline car for travel within the city, and also make finding parking easier.

If you know in advance that the planned trips are lengthy and for work purposes, it’s important to choose a comfortable, spacious and well accessorized car that addresses requirements and fuel savings.

In any event, we recommend that for monthly car rentals or rentals for longer periods you contact a car rental company that provides professional, reliable car rental services. When you choose a leading company in the field, you'll enjoy assistance that helps you make the best and most economic choice.

Monthly car rental with Tamir Group

Tamir Group provides car rentals for one month, short term or longer terms with clear advantages:
  •  Attractive car rental prices. Your satisfaction is measured also in terms of fair prices.
  • Door to door service includes the possibility of returning the vehicle to us from the client’s home or a pickup location of your choice.
  • Advanced accessorization services allow safe travel: baby seat or children’s booster seat, roof rack, GPS tracker, and more.
  • Returning your vehicle simply and easily. At the end of the rental period you can return the car to an of our branches, or enjoy our return pickup service.
  • Car rental of the highest standards. When you enter our service center, we’ll be happy to match you with the vehicle that best suits your needs. When you enter the car you'll receive a personalized care kit: a bottle of water, and box of sweets to help keep you refreshed.
  • Safety comes first. Tamir Group ensures the highest safety standards. Our vehicles are constantly maintained in licensed service stations and undergo comprehensive testing in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. If there’s any kind of problem, question or fault, our professional and efficient service team will save you time and provide towing services or extrication services, offered only to Tamir Group’s fleet of vehicles.
  • Experience and seniority. Tamir Group is one of the leading car rental companies in the field. Established in 1972, it holds a large and varied fleet. We offer advanced car rental solutions that perfectly match your needs. Tamir Group specializes in short term and long term car rentals in Israel. 
One month car rentals with Tamir Group. Contact us to consult, receive prices and book.
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