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Jerusalem is not just a fascinating ancient city full of history, like the known religious one.

Jerusalem is a vibrating city full of splendor and life. It’s a colorful, lively city with spectacular views, an impressive city that don't have a beach, but has excellent museums, fabulous markets and places to hang out filled with charming restaurants and bars.
There are also prestigious film festivals. just to name a few attractions;
this is not including the Holy City with its own historical gems.
If you restrict yourself to taxis and public transport to get around, you may miss out on many nooks and crannies that Jerusalem has to offer.  Why not rent a car from Car Rental Jerusalem and explore the city on your own time and schedule without having to depend on anything or anyone?
As you drive through the city, you might come across places that are alluring and exciting and maybe only known to locals.
A must see in Jerusalem is the Cinematheque; it was originally built to bring life to the Hinnom Valley overlooking the Old City walls. 
The Cinematheque is one of the primary cultural institutes in Jerusalem.

  • It houses the Jerusalem International Film Festival with local as well as international films playing.
  • It is also the home of the Jewish Film Festival which screens over 50 local as well as international films all having to do with the Jewish culture, faith and practice, as well as its music and the modern life of the Jewish people worldwide.
  • If you can’t make it to a film festival, stop by, watch a good quality film and have a tasty meal at its restaurant.  You will not be disappointed.  The views are fantastic and the food is truly worthwhile.

All the hot spots in Jerusalem are best accesible with your rented car 

Another noteworthy place that you must not miss is the Machne Yehuda area.  Machne Yehuda has a terrific market.  It’s a magical place; you can discover the colors, flavors and scents of Israel there.
It’s not a typical market where you can buy trinkets and souvenirs, no,  it’s a true local market which sells fruits, spices, bread, vegetables, fish, etc and what better way is there to get to know the local culture than by visiting one of their local markets?  It will not let you down! 
Stick around and have dinner at one of the nearby restaurants and after dinner, go for a drink at one of the bars and immerse yourself in Jerusalem’s night life and culture. 
If souvenirs are what you’re looking for, there’s a charming street you must visit: Ben Yehuda Street.  You will find diversity in the shops you see there and a wide variety of people as well as things to buy. Whether you’re visiting Jerusalem for the first time or just hanging out for the weekend.
Rent a car so you can explore the city as you wish and when you wish.  Book your car with Car Rental Jerusalem; they will satisfy your needs and will ensure that you get a quality vehicle within your price range so your visit to Jerusalem is memorable.