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There are a number of benefits of renting a car in Israel to get you around.

  • For one, you are more mobile than you would be if you otherwise depend on public transportation to travel around.
  • Your schedule and itinerary for the day will not be a slave to the intricacies of public transportation. Of course, one of the ups of renting a car in Israel will be the convenience.
  • In Israel and elsewhere in the world, having your own car can spell all the difference in travelling. 
Of course, along with car rental in Israel, it will be very beneficial for you to learn a thing or two about the local language. It will definitely save you time in looking up places. It will also prevent you from being taken advantage of by locals, especially if you know some basic phrases. It will also be so much better if you can speak some of the slang languages. This way, locals will be convinced that you are interested  in their community. You are renting a car in Israel and you are speaking their language! 


Here are some helpful slang phrases, which you might find useful: 

Yesh! This is really just "Yes,” which for the millenials, can be read as #winning. 
Another slang term you can use is Tachles, which is loosely translated as "the bottom line”. 
You can also say Yalla or Yalla Balagan, which means "Let’s go” and "Let’s go all out”, respectively.
When someone from Israel says Chai B’Seret, it means "living in a movie.” It is intended to mean that someone is being unrealistic.

Yet another slang term is Combina, which means "off the record” dealings or "under the table”.
Leezrom is literally translated as "to flow”, but in slang language, it can mean to go along with the flow.
Using these slang phrases will surely help you impress the locals, and hopefully they will trust you more.
If you are renting a car in Israel, and are going around the country, there will surely be a lot more slang words and phrases that you can learn on your own. The important thing is to connect with the locals. If you genuinely show interest in their culture and country, they will surely be open to you.
They will feel comfortable enough to have you around and teach you their language. This way, you will learn more about Israel than you will ever do through reading books and manuals. Nothing ever beats experience, especially in travelling.
It pays to prepare, but nothing can ever compare with the experience of actually immersing yourself in the place. If you are renting a car in Israel, it will be a lot easier for you to mingle among the locals. There are surely a lot of other benefits of renting a car in Israel. However, being able to speak the language will surely enrich your experience with their community.  Most definitely, it will enable you to maximize your stay.