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Visiting Significant Religious Sites 

 In Jerusalem, Christians, Jews and Muslims visit religious sites most significant to their faith. These holy places – Al Aqsa Mosque, Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif, Western Wall and Via Dolorosa – in the oldest and holiest city in the world can be reached conveniently by  car rental Jerusalem

Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia are the first and second holiest sites for Islam. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is considered to be the third.
The rock beneath the dome is believed to be the place where Prophet Muhammad disappeared from earth in the 7th century.
Using a winged horse, he visited heaven in his Night Journey. Being a religious site, tourists are required to dress modestly. Israel started controlling the eastern side of the city in 1967, but Muslims supervises the place today.
Al-Aqsa Mosque, which can be found in the south side of Temple Mount, directly faces the Dome of the Rock. It hosts large crowds for daily prayers and Friday sermons. It became the royal palace of the Crusader kings when they captured the holiest city in 1099. After almost two decades, the Knights Templar turned it into a command center.  
The Western Wall is the holiest among Jewish places. It is the remains of the Herodian retaining wall that was part of the support of the Second Temple.

  • It is also called as the Wailing Wall because for several centuries Jews continue to gather here to mourn the loss of their place of worship and to pray.
  • Jews and tourists write their prayers in a small paper and place them in cracks.
  • You will have no problem getting to the site using car rental Jerusalem;you can go there any time as it is open 24 hours a day. 
Walking the Via Dolorosa, for Christians, is taking the same route of Jesus, from the time he was condemned by Pilate to his crucifixion and burial. This is the closest they can get to all the hardships He went through. Via Dolorosa is made up of 14 stations, but interestingly, there are alternative routes, as followed by people who have different beliefs on the places of many events.
After visiting all these four holy places and feel the magic of Jerusalem, it’s time to head to where you can have a taste of great authentic food, as well as a peek to a different lifestyle with your car rental Jerusalem. 

More Attractions to visit with your Rented car at Jerusalem

Eating with the locals is an experience to cherish, thus you can go to Machane Yehuda Market, a famous food place in the city.
There are Levant food joints that serve different classes of people from generations already. Azura serves cuisines specific to Middle Eastern Jewish culture like lentil spiced dish.

Rachmo, on the other hand, has been in the location since 1930 thus you can expect food to be authentic food, starting from Kurdish dumpling soup.
For a taste of cuisines from an award-winning restaurant in Israel, check Machneyuda. For a fusion of Jerusalem and French cookery, visit Adom at the First Station.
As you roam around hiring car rental Jerusalem, you’ll notice the way of living of people in this holiest city. For one, you’ll be surprised to witness natural scenery and to discover that Jerusalem is striving to become a technology hub.

There are public art installations and galleries that showcase the artistry of the people in the city. Every summer there’s a spectacular light festival being held. During the night,
the fun does not end as you can go relaxing in a café. In Uganda Bar, you’ll discover it’s a three-in-one place – café, comic book store and music venue.