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In Israel, the second most popular destination is Tel Aviv, which is the second largest city and the biggest metropolitan area. It is officially named Tel Aviv-Yafo being located beside the ancient port city of Yafo.

Nowadays, this city has become one of the most visited parts of Israel, thanks to the fact that it is transforming into a booming international metropolis. This is evidenced by the 24-hour lifestyle in the central part of town with awesome tourist attractions, bustling shopping centers, vibrant clubs and world-class hotels, to name a few.  
So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Tel Aviv now. To get around the city easily, though, you’ll need a Car Rental Tel Aviv Airport in order to get to your destinations easily.
Check out two of the most popular tourist attractions you should drive to after landing in the airport.

Northern Tel Aviv

There are many places to visit in the northern part of Tel Aviv. For a start, drive your Car Rental from Ben Gurion Airport to the Eretz Israel Museum.
You’ll find this place incredibly fascinating and educational, as it is where you’ll learn about the city’s history and culture through the archeological artifacts housed in this museum.
It is also where you’ll find evidence of early Philistine settlement.
There’s also Luna Park, which is the city’s main amusement park. It has fun rides for children, including two rollercoasters.
Then, there’s Meymadion, which is a waterpark with a wide selection of waterslides. Perfect for summer vacations.
Aside from these local spots, you’ll also find here Galil Hotel, which is beach hotel that has is a 45-minute drive with a car rental Tel Aviv. It has 84 well-appointed rooms with private balconies, refrigerators, bathtubs, cable TVs and more. It also offers premium amenities, including an outdoor pool, first-class restaurant, sauna and fitness center.

Southern Tel Aviv & Israel 

If you drive your car rental Ben Gurion Airport down south, there would be lots of interesting places to check out.
This part of Tel Aviv is considered an urban wasteland for years due to neglect. But since the 90s, it has enjoyed developments in several areas.
One of the proofs of progress in this part of the city is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which has an amazing collection of modern and contemporary art and a sculpture garden.
There’s also the Independence Hall, which is a historical landmark where the Jewish independence was declared in 1948.

One of the main reasons the southern part of the country has gained popularity among tourists is the Negev Desert, which is a combination of rocky, dusty mountains with a few dry riverbeds and craters.

Despite having small quantities of rain throughout the year, this place looks fascinating in winter with numerous flowers covering this region.

  • It also has historical sites and archeological remains.
  • Here, you can go on a camel ride.
  • You can book a tour that will take you sightseeing in the Nabataean terraces, Hitann wadi and Yamin plain, to name a few. 
To be able to get to these places with ease, consider booking a car rental Tel Aviv before flying here.